WOW!!! It is amazing how important advertising
is in any business no matter what type of
business it is. You have to get the word out
that you have something that people want or need.
It is an absolute must for success.

There are so many ways of advertising it
can be overwhelming.  However, it can be
a blessing to have different options available
to get your product or services seen by the

As a beginner in the internet marketing world,
I went into advertising blind, relying on
the direction of a sponsor in my chosen market
I was fortunate enough to have a great sponsor
that was there for me in every way I could

Most companies have their own vehicles of
advertising and as a result want you to learn
their method expecting you to pay for it as well;
bringing in more money to that program.

There are also those that show you how to
advertise for free. These are usually slower
to see results but still a great way to get the
word out there too.

Then there are those few that want to teach
you the right way of advertising, whether it
be free or of some cost to you, in the end they
actually want you to succeed in what you are

In most cases you need a combination of at
least two or three different tools working in
concert to bring your advertising campaign

One of the these tools you will definitely benefit
from is a tracking system to make sure which
avenues are working and which ones are not.
Therefore you actually need a way of tracking more
than one way of advertising in one place.

There are so many different tools of this type
that are out there and I will not push one or the
other on you. I will tell you that I actually use
more than one in my advertising one of which is
fantastic and I will highly recommend it to anyone.

Are you ready to get your business out there in
front of everyone?

Are you ready for a tool to get your business
headed in the right direction?

I  would love to help you achieve the success you

Be Blessed in Everything

Tammie Perry

Skype ID: tammiejo.perry

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  1. Mike Erwin says:

    Great post Tammie. Everybody when they are starting out goes thru their own learning curve. We just want to make it as painless and less frustrating as possible.

  2. You have given us good information on advertising. You have presented us with choices, and that is always helpful. Thank you for this great information. Keep your commitment to excellence. You are already a Winner.

  3. Debbie Davis says:

    Tammy your personal walk through your learning was a great sharing experience. I think many people walk through that and will find new strength in knowing they were not alone.
    Debbie Davis

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