ASSET- What Is Your Greatest?

Let me think…..I know I have been asked this
question before by many other people, especially
when I have been to an interview for another
J O B. My answer then was either: I am a fast
learner or, a team player and/or hard worker.

I know, that is more than one, but these three
were always the first things that came to my
mind when I was going to work for someone else.
Let’ go a little deeper though.

My greatest asset is…DETERMINATION!!! I am all
three of the above and then some. Taking a deeper
look though I will have to say that I am truly
determined to be the best of all of those that I
can be.

Some might call it being hard-headed though. Most
of my family and friends do. Especially if I do not
see things the way they do.

I could say I got that from my mother.I could say
got both from her. She was also a very determined
woman even when it came to being hard-headed. The
same applies to me. I have always been determined
in most things to the best of my ability. Even as
a child I was a very determined individual.

Determination to be the best that I can be in all
areas is something that I have to say I am very
proud to be an abundant owner of. I am very thankful
that God blessed me with this attribute. I have lived
a very hard life, without determination, I would not
even be here.

I will share some of those events with you at a later

The definition of Determination is: the quality of
being determined to do or achieve something;
firmness of purpose.

Determination, whether it be to succeed or to fail is
the same thing. I use to be determined to fail but
thank God for spiritual growth and understanding. I have
now turned it around to be determination for success in
all areas of my life.

Let me give you a few examples of determination… to succeed
in being an obedient child of God, being the wife I was
meant to be, being the mother and grandmother I was meant
to be, being the caretaker of my sister and being her sister,
being a sister to my brother,  being a great friend to others,
helping others to succeed, being a successful network marketer,
being successful in and with my finances,etc etc…I think you
understand what I am trying to say…

Determination in success and also in failure is a choice.
Most people have this asset and do not use it. We all have
it, we just need to learn how to apply it in the correct
way in our lives. I believe with all of my heart and mind
if used correctly it will take you to heights you have never
been before. I know it has for me.
Be Blessed in Everything

Tammie Perry
Tallahassee, Florida
(850) 668-4439
Skype ID: tammiejo.perry

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