Combining Two or More Jobs Into One

This post is mainly for mothers and caregivers that have to work at home full-time and are also working or trying to work online as well. This is from experience too not just guessing.

Just to let you know I am really doing it. Let me tell you a little about what I do. I actually take care of children in my home and am a fulltime caregiver of my handicapped sister. She requires total care and does take up a lot of time. I am also a wife and a grandmother to 5 children and one on the way.

For all those who do not think that being a mom, wife, grandmother, sister, caregiver, and homemaker is not a full time job; you must have lost your minds.. The main difference in being these types of people and being one that goes out into the world to work is we do not get paid to do it, and our job lasts 24-7.

It is possible to combine working on-line with having your daily tasks of being a “homemaker or caregiver”. It has taken me a very long time to figure out just how to do it and I promise you I am still learning how to perfect it.

When  you first start trying to work online while still maintaining your other duties you can really get extremely stressed. Working online does require alot more time than most of the recruiters try to make you believe that it does. You are always seeing “Make $1000.00 a week from home just working two to three hours per week” (Or whatever the amount may be). I am going to be very honest with you. It can be done, after you get everything in place.

Don’t be pulled into this thinking that when you first start it will just happen that way. First thing you need to do is find yourself a good mentor. I actually have more than one. You will definitely see many out there offering to teach you. There are many that are free and there are many that will charge you. Be careful of who you decide to follow though. Many want to teach you just to market their opportunity and will not show you the correct way of getting YOUR business where YOU need it to be headed.

As I said, I actually have more than one. Family Networker is a group of caring individuals that was created by two of my great mentors, Craig Caron and Nancy Radlinger. This group of people truly have become like Family to each other. Always there to help you when you need it, there to support you , there to critic your progress in a constructive way. I can honestly say this group of people care about each other and each others success. This is a place where you learn to be all that you can be in any area you choose to go.

I can honestly say if I had not been invited to this group, I would have quit this whole thing awhile back. Now that I have the teaching that I need to do things the correct way I am getting things done. Due to the fact that I am a “homemaker/caregiver” I do not have alot of free time to work on this as my main priority. I can gratefully say that this is the only group of people who have not downed me for not getting things done when they thought I should or when the rest of the group got it done. This Family incourages you to work at your own pace.

We all know that we have different ways of learning things. Some learn quickly and others learn more slowly, some try to learn too fast and get overwhelmed to the point of quitting. Family Networker wants you to learn the best way YOU can and they are willing to spend one-on-one with you if needed to help you complete your learning.

If you are looking to start working online and you are one of the mothers or caregivers I described above, I just want you to know that YOU CAN DO THIS. Don’t push it, don’t stress about it, enjoy it, take your time, do what you must do for you.It is not easy and there are people out there that truly want to help you. I do.


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10 Responses to “Combining Two or More Jobs Into One”

  1. Tammie! I agree with all of the above. I have walked through quite a bit of this journey with you. I applaud you and I admire you for the stamina, dedication, compassion and patience that you have developed through all this time I have known you. It’s time for you to Soar!
    Linda M Davis recently posted..Disciplining Your Time…In Your Daily Life!

  2. Tammie Perry says:

    Actually Ken I thought about adding that to my post. I should have. So yes, it is for all the single fathers as well.

  3. Ken Thompson says:

    Being a single father I believe I fall into this category as well. Thanks for the boost of confidence.
    Ken Thompson recently posted..4 simple natural cures for insomnia

  4. Kevan says:

    Hi there Tammie,
    Great post yes you are for sure a busy person. Which is great and well done you for keeping up with it all. I am sure I will get there in the end just a slow learner and find it had to stay focused.

    skype: kevan.brock
    Kevan recently posted..Hi there and welcome back

  5. Tammie Perry says:

    Nancy, I truly believe that God does not give us more than we can handle and I do let Him lead me where He would have me to go; knowing this I just have to be happy with what time He does give me and I have to learn to manage it and be grateful. If I can do it anyone can.

  6. Tammie Perry says:

    If you take baby stwps you will get there. Don’t quit, don’t rush and don’t stress. If you can manage these three you will conquer it well.

  7. Tammie Perry says:

    That it does Shirley. Most people just don’t realize that being a homemaker and a caregiver are really harder jobs than they think it is and then to add something else with it……you really have to know how to multi-task. LOL

  8. Thanks for this post Tammie, I agree 100%.. being a caregiver/online entreprenuer is a great balancing act..and takes good multi-tasking skills. And being a part of a supportive group that helps you to succeed is a blessing indeed.
    Shirley Matta recently posted..What The Heck Is Bluetooth About

  9. Agnes Saam says:

    Tammie,now this is what I’m talking about too, incredible post that I have to master yet… I’m taking baby steps.
    Great job well written.

    skype: agnessaam
    Agnes Saam recently posted..A great big Family

  10. Excellent post and wow you sure have a full plate – now this is what a call a great example of determination and someone sticking to her goals and staying focus – thanks for the inspiration.

    Skype: nancyradlinger

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