I am writing this just to share with you something
I have learned the hard way.

When I first started writing articles I was told
that you could take a little from other articles
here and there about the same subject you were writing
about and change the words around or write it like
you would say it.

Since then, I have learned that you just really cannot
do that. During an experience of having an article due
at a certain time I did what I thought would be the
fastest way to do it. I went and read a few other articles
on the subject and wrote mine the very same night.

Rather than researching or asking a seasoned article writer
how to correctly write an article and the do’s and don’ts of
how to write it especially if you were going to submit them
to an article publisher, I submitted it . Well mine had some
of the very same content in it as the other articles did and
like a dummy I did not go back and compare them to see if
they seemed to be the same thing.

Well needless to say, the article publisher did and they
suspended my account. I have since been reinstated but
this is something that never should have happened. So, if
you are writing articles and submitting them to an article
publisher, make sure it is your own thoughts and experiences
in the subject in which you are writing about.

You might be saying,”How could you do that”, or “why would
you do that”, well the real answer is I am a newbie at this
and I wanted to it to be good. So I took the short cut way
and almost lost my privileges.

Like I said in the beginning; A lesson learned the hard way.

Don’t doubt yourself and do the best that YOU can do.

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  1. This was a valuable lesson to learn, and you have used it for the good by sharing your experience with others to keep them from making the same mistake. “What the enemy means for evil; God turns it around and uses it for the good.”

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