Family Networker, Instant Stress Relief

As a mother of four and a grandmother of six I have been financially stressed out for too long. Online Marketing is actually giving me a way out. With the economy the way it is you can’t rely on jobs where you have to work for someone else. For one thing you don’t know when that job will be cut. With your own business you don’t have to worry about that.
Another stress that I am sure we have all encountered is the pressure of working under someone who is stressed themselves which in turn really stresses you out even more. I don’t have to worry about that with this type of work. I work out of my own home in my own time with my own rules. Any stress I have to encounter I cause myself.
I have always worried about paying the bills. I am so thankful I have found
Family Networker. Not only do I now have a way to learn how to make my business prosper and grow but I have a great support group as well. I have always dreamed of having the money to pay bills and give to the needy. I have been in that place where I didn’t have enough money to buy all the groceries I needed. Now, I strive to be the one who can buy my own and pay for someone else’s as well.
I can now give offerings along with my tithes in the church to help with the dreams of the church to reach the needy or the lost. It always bothered me that when the offering plate came around I could give my tithes but I did not have the extra to give an offering. Now I can. I am a giver. I can now give to the Lord an offering that will help to bless others.
I believe that stress alone has caused most of my illnesses. Staying tired all of the time, blood pressure being high, always having headaches, can’t eat, the list goes on and on. I am now getting relief from all of these symptoms. My stress levels have dropped so much since I started working online and working with
Family Networker, a group that only wants to help you succeed. All of my symptoms are turning around in the opposite direction. With the direction and support I have gotten from my team members I would prescribe this to anyone for stress relief.
Please come and take a look. It will be well worth it. You can check it out at the link below.

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8 Responses to “Family Networker, Instant Stress Relief”

  1. Craig Caron says:

    Thanks for the great tips Tammy

    I need them


  2. Ellen Thorp says:

    Hi Tammie! Excellent Posting! I totally agree, Family Networker is a place for all to share, support and be there for each other. This is very well written and I enjoyed reading your thoughts. Thank you so much for sharing.

    skype ellen_thorp

  3. Outstanding post, Tammie!! =) I could not agree more with you about all the positive effects Family Networker has had on EVERYONE’S life! I felt the positivity within mere days of joining….and that positivity is what drives me each and every day! Very well written, from the heart and soul of a truly remarkable individual. =)

    Brian Schilling

  4. Donna Meyer says:

    Excellent Post. I joined Family Networker and have learned so many new things. The team work is exceptional, and it is the first team that I have ever been on that actually does work together and help on another.

    Together We Can Achieve More

    Donna Meyer
    Skype: dgm47dgm

  5. Thanks Tammie – great post and I agree that the atmosphere in Family Networker is just as you described – and to have a member that you can go to for help is always – there is always someone there for you – thanks for the post

    Skype: nancyradlinger

  6. Kevan says:

    Great post there Tammie,
    I hope that it keeps going on like it is for you. I am sure it should as yes we are in a great site here with loads of people to help as and when wanted. We will all be learning new things with our great teacher.


  7. Tammie,

    Well said, I am right there with you, as one that was a part of the downsizing here in So. Cal., and at my age am finding it difficult to find anyone or company that is willing to at the very least have a conversation. It matters not these days what your background is or how much experience one may have, so I like you turned to Network Marketing, with hopes and aspirations of some success. I am lucky that I, like you found all of the Great People at Family Networker. All have been so giving and helpful, for me to acheive the success I have encountered in such a short period of time.

  8. Susie Moore says:

    awesome post Tammie,

    I agree since finding family networker its a great place to build new friendships,but also find new skills in training to remove a lot of stress wondering how to market and promote. I am so happy that I came to know family networker.

    thanks for sharing

    susie moore
    skype smsforce

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