Getting Determined in Online Marketing In Spite of The Lies

This may sound a little crazy , but when you have been
one of those people that have fallen for the hyped up
programs that promise you riches in ten days, or thousands
within 30 to 90 days you will definitely understand
where I am coming from.

It is truly possible to be able to become FINANCIALLY
FREE working out of your own home, with your own hours,
being your own boss, working in ONLINE MARKETING.
Do not believe the lies that you are told that you can
do it in 30 days, or 60 days or even 90 days. These are
lies that will make you think that all INTERNET MARKETING
is impossible to conquer.

I know when I first started on this journey of reaching
FINANCIAL FREEDOM I got so excited with just about every-
thing I found that was promising me fast riches with no or
little work. I thank God I was broke when I first started,
or I would have gotten that way pretty quick joining all
the programs that sounded and looked so promising.

As I began to see that I was working all the time on the
computer, wondering how I was going to be able to spend
more time with my family, and even begin to make all those
riches I was promised, I began to understand that it takes
more work than you would ever even think.

Please do not misunderstand me; I am not saying you cannot
reach financial freedom in newtwork marketing. I am actually
telling you the complete opposite. I am just being honest
and letting you know up front that if you want to be success-
ful, you have to decide how fast you want it and how much
you are willing to put into it at this time.

Make sure you are ready to get determined to do what you will
need to do to get the job done and you WILL reach FINACIAL


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11 Responses to “Getting Determined in Online Marketing In Spite of The Lies”

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  2. Tammie Perry says:

    Thank you for your comments Ellen. You have wonderful posts yourself. I could read your posta all day long.

  3. Kevan says:

    Hi there Tammie,
    Well yes that’s for sure I have seen that, in fact still do. We all emails every day saying you can do this and get that. Why do this when you can stay at home be your own boss. If you do this and this with my programme etc it is out there every where, and for that matter every day. I my self am sure it can be done. But it will not be done as they say or seem to say with out any effort. As a thing that is worth doing is worth doing well. So my friend we go forward to do it do we not. Kevan…

  4. Cathy says:

    I’ve found this to be true too. I’ve been doing online marketing for over 2 years and it takes work. It is not easy and you have to have others who know what they’re doing willing to help you and show you the ropes. I’ve spent too much money chasing the perfect, easy program, and ended up broke. I’m a testimony that you can make money, but you have to be smart and choose the right group of people with integrity who are willing to be unselfish and help you get there. Good post!

  5. Wow Tammie what a good blog and blog thought you have here, I have had the pleasure to work and learn with you and it is a great experience – you are one of those who know what it takes to get to where you want to go and what you want to do.

    That is what it takes, I have seen you run into a road block and figure out a way to go around it, through it or over it! – that is Amazing.

    Scott Crawley
    Skype Me: scwealth
    Online Income Coach

  6. Susie Moore says:

    I agree Tammie, when I first started I was compounded with every promotion possible around about get rich quick. Shortly after wasting a lot of money I found that to not be so. There is money to be made with networking.but many falls in the trap of believing it comes easy. There is nothing in earning money that going to come easy unless you are a contest winner or inherit a lot of money. It takes hard work and a lot of sacrifice. Thanks for a great post

    Susie Moore
    skype smsforce

  7. Azar Colter says:

    Tammie, Thanks for the truth! Unless you are seasoned in this business, there is no way you can “quite” your job in 30,60, or even 90 days. It has taken me 9 months to start making “some” money online. You are correct, it takes time, effort and the correct mindset. But if you persist, you will succeed. Thanks for keeping it real Tammie!

  8. Ellen Thorp says:

    Excellent Post Tammie! You have said it so very well. Yes, I too was a victim more than once, thinking you could make money overnight! It is very hard work and determination. You said it. You’re posts are so very good and so very informative. I recommend all to read your work.

    skype: ellen_thorp

  9. Jon Benton says:

    Tammie you are so right about all of the lies and deceptions going on all over the internet. It makes it very difficult for us honest marketers to make contact with people out there.

    Great story and it is very indicative of how so many people far prey to the scammers and deceitful people trying to make a quick buck.

    Skype – soonerdad3

  10. You are so right Tammy and I remember thinking the same thing at the beginning and you quickly realize that all the idle promises are just that idle promises – offering you something that can’t be done. You have to realize that because these people don’t have to meet you or speak with you face to face it’s pretty easy for them to sell you their lies.

    Skype: nancyradlinger

  11. Bruce Carter says:

    Well said Tammie. I remember believeing all the hype and how you can make money by literally doing nothing. I realized real quick that there was a lot of work and commitment involved. Awesome post.

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