Have It In Your Heart

I know, you are probably wondering, what in the world is she doing? INTERNET MARKETING is not a romance. I promise you, I agree. I am not crazy though. Well, not about this anyway.

Since I started in this amazing venture with Internet Marketing, I have tried many different things that looked so good and I sure thought they would “Make good money”.

I can’t say that they wouldn’t for someone who had it in their heart to make it work or not. I have learned though, that most of them were not in my heart, or I should say my heart wasn’t into them.

Through my experience, which is growing each and everyday, I have learned that if my heart is not in it I will not do what it is that I need to do to make it work. If I cannot enjoy what I am doing then I might as well go back to working a 9-5 JOB that I go to everyday just to make a living.

You must have it in your heart to do what you want to do, successfully. You can do anything you set your mind to do. However to be able to enjoy what you are doing and to fully strive to do it you must have a love for it or at least like what you are doing.

I love babies. I have always loved babies. Most people cannot understand why or how I can “handle” five or six in my house at one time and me still work on the computer or do anything else. Many cannot see how I keep my sanity. It is so easy when it is in my heart to do it.

I love people. I love to help people. To learn how to come out of bondage into freedom is something that is in my heart to do to be able to help others to do for themselves. This is what is in my heart to do. This is something I will strive to do.

There are so many different fields you can go into when you decide to start Internet Marketing. One of the first things you should learn to do is to choose a niche. When you are making this decision you should definitley choose one that your heart is into. Something that you know you will enjoy. If you enjoy it then you can excel into success with the correct teaching and tools very quickly.

Do a little research. Find something you know you will enjoy doing, find you a good mentor, be picky. This is your business. Learn from the best what you love to do to the best of your ability. Then, you can learn how to market what you love. Market what is in your heart. Enjoy becoming successful. Have fun being serious about your success. Do what you HAVE IN YOUR HEART to do.

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5 Responses to “Have It In Your Heart”

  1. You’re absolutely right Tammie! You have to have a passion for what you’re doing. Others will feel this passion come out and that’s what will draw them to you and your opportunity as well. This will result in a buyer and lifelong teammate. Great post!
    Brian and Felicia White recently posted..How to Keep Your Down Line from Jumping Ship!

  2. When you are passionate about something; your Heart is on fire and bursting inside; yet, at the same time, you have overwhelming Peace. Keep your eyes and your heart…fixed on Him, and you will always know where your heart is. Love you Sis!
    Linda M Davis recently posted..Water 4 Life…Are you Giving Oxygen To Your Cells

  3. Azar Colter says:

    Tammie, you hit the nail on the head with this one! I totally agree, if you do not have a passion, a red hot heat for what you are doing, then you may as well not even start. But we all learn through trial and error and after all, everything we do in life is a learning experience. Thanks for a great post..Glad you are back!

  4. Greg says:

    Tammie, well said. If you are doing something that you are not passionate about the endeavorer would be short lived. Go for your passion and good things will happen.

  5. Great post Tammie and you are so right – I learn new things daily and really want to learn more as I so love what I do and yes my heart is here – thanks for the post.

    Skype: nancyradling

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