Hello world!


Chrysalis is the process that transforms the caterpillar into a butterfly, and                                                                                           causes it to emerge from the cocoon into a bold new world, where everything                                                                                    is new and opportunity abounds.

Transformation is beautiful and freedom is excellent.
Whether it be spiritual, emotional, physical or financial
it is all a choice that only you can make. Let’s break free
from the cocoon, whatever it may be, and spread our wings
and fly free.

Please be sure to visit my Blogs  by the  “Categories” to read them. I am sure                                                                                        there is something there that will interest you.I hope each person that sees                                                                                       my page will go away with something they have need of. My Goal in life is to                                                                                   help others to make their dreams come true. All my life I have been on a journey                                                                             to make my dreams come true, and have failed in many areas, a big one is being
financially free.

What do I mean about being financially free? Well, I don’t really know
where to start. I don’t like working for someone else that does not
appreciate my talents or commitment to getting the job done above and
beyond my list of duties. To be able to have my own business is the
best way I Know not to have to do that anymore.

To be able to have whatever I want on my desk whether it be religious or
pretty, or family pictures is another perk to having my own business. I
don’t have a dress code either. That is absolutely one of the better ad-
vantages. I can work in whatever I want to or don’t want to.

One of the greatest things of all about running your own business is that
you decide how much you want to make and how much time you want put into
working your own business. I will not lie to you, it takes a lot of hard
work to get things going the way they should be, but if you are willing to
do that for someone else at a J.O.B. then surely you could do it for your-
self so much better. The only person you have to answer to is yourself and
you are the rule maker. You are working for YOU and making what YOU want to                                                                               make, the way YOU want to make it. To me that is the a big part of being                                                                                               Financially free.

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  1. Very nice blog Tammy. I have to hand it to you, you are very smart. I especially like the comment you said about My Goal in life is to help others to make their
    dreams come true. I love that statement. You ROCK!!! Thanks

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