Keyword Value In Blogs

I don’t know about you but I really did not understand the VALUE OF KEYWORDS in my BLOGS at all when I first started writing them.

Of course when I first started writing BLOGS it had nothing to do with any kind of business material at all.  I was mostly writing them to share my personal thoughts with just personal friends and family.

Now that I am in ONLINE BUSINESS, it has been brought to my attention it is actually very important in any kind of BLOG you write whether it be geared to personal experiences or it is business oriented.

KEYWORDS have so much VALUE in both areas and can be helpful to more people than you realize including yourself whether you are SHARING INFORMATION or SEARCHING FOR INFORMATION about all areas of life.

BLOGS are such a great place to share this information and/or find the same information as well. You can also write BLOGS about all areas of life; from love and life to hate and death. From fun and living to work and striving.

Anything in life can be BLOGGED about and many will be LOOKING FOR THE INFORMATION on whatever you are BLOGGING about.  To ensure   this information can be easily found, you truly need to have KEYWORDS or KEYWORD PHRASES that will make this possible.

For whatever reason you are BLOGGING, let your experiences help others. Make it easier for someone to find this information by making sure you have good KEYWORDS that make your SUBJECT in your BLOG easy to find.

It will benefit you in your business and in your heart just to know that you and your experiences could help someone else as long as they can be found by the VALUE in your KEYWORDS.

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  1. Jon Benton says:


    Very post and I too had no idea about keywords when I first started blogging several years ago, but I have learned so much from all people in our Skype group and

    Skype – soonerdad3

  2. Greg says:

    Nice explanation of the keywords and their value to the internet marketer. Teach ’em early and new marketers will be successful. Thanks Tammie for the valuable information.

  3. When I first started bloggin I had no idea about key words and traffic. But thanks to family networker I now have the insight of how to actually get more traffic to my blog. Thank you Tammie for your insight and sharing this great information.

    Skype ID anette.hultman

  4. Susie Moore says:

    HI Tammie,

    Great job on your article. You are so right, we are finding the value of keywords is extremely important to blog or articles written. It not only beneficial to you, your business, but important to the reader suching for like material.

    thanks again,
    susie moore
    skype smsforce

  5. WOW Tammie – you sure got the importance of keyword down and explained it really, really well. Most just do not realize how important this is and I was like you and just wrote and then tried to fill in with keywords from what I wrote and wonder why after a year I only had 6 followers on my blog – it does make a difference.

    Skype: nancyradlinger

  6. Ellen Thorp says:

    I love your post Tammie! Very well written and wonderful information and your thoughts on blogs! I too love blogs and think they are very valuable. Therefore, get those keywords and phrases out there! Thank you so much for sharing.

    skype ellen_thorp

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