New Year….New Life

The New Year is here! Are you Ready? Are you excited? Are you prepared?

For many years I have done the whole “setting my New Years Resolutions”, and for many years I have failed to meet my “New Years Resolutions”. I never could figure out why I failed to meet them. Well, this year I read a post of a dear friend and it just seemed to help me to see why.

The problem I have had is not having a plan, a schedule, and the attitude of triumph to meet a goal. I didn’t have a problem setting goals or truly wanting to meet those goals. My problem was not planning how to meet those goals.Going in circles trying to, and finally just quitting. Then I was introduced to a group of people that taught me the correct way of doing things.

My journey with Family Networker not only has helped me to get on the right track for succeeding with my business, but has truly helped me to get on the right track for setting my goals in my everyday life. Planning my happiness and managing my time and my priorities so that I CAN meet the goals I have set for myself. This group of people have become my internet “Family”. They care about me and I care about them.

Just seeing my “Family” here on the internet succeed and grow has been so inspirational. Seeing people blossom right before my eyes. Watching success happen over and over knowing that they were in the exact same place I was. Realizing that I could truly make it too.

One of the most important things I think I have learned is that I truly need to set goals. Without goals you are heading for somewhere that is just not there. You might think you know what it is you want but if you don’t set goals then you won’t know how to get what it is you want.

Sound like going in circles? It really is. If you do not have a goal to get to, then you will just keep going in circles trying to get there and more than likely get tired of not getting there and wind up giving up and quitting. Make sure when you do set your goals you set reasonable goals that you will be sure to make not impossible goals that you won’t make in a short period of time so that you do not get discouraged before you reach those goals.

Making a plan and sticking to that plan is exactly what is going to take place this year for me. 2010 was a great learning year for me and 2011 will be the year to put all the lessons into action. I read a great blog today that suggest writing things down to make them tangible. This is a fabulous idea.

Once I have the plan written out then I can make a daily schedule that I will stick by and do what a friend has told me to do; STICK TO IT! Then when I feel overwhelmed by all the things I know I need to do and there is absolutely not enough time in a day to do half of them; all I have to do is look at the end of the day to see if I kept to my schedule and completed the tasks that were already there for me to do.

Just to know that I accomplished what I was supposed to do for that day wil be the beginning of building a great business that will be sure to succeed. I will be going into detail with some techniques of making schedules, sticking to them, adding to them, etc. etc. with my new ebook that I am currently getting ready to share with everyone.

So, let’s get busy and set your goals and make a plan and make your dreams come true.DON’T EVER GIVE UP!!!!! Make sure your goals are set so that you Will be able to meet them. Let’s get Rocking in 2011.

Don’t forget there will be many tips here to help us all stay on the right track…

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8 Responses to “New Year….New Life”

  1. Great post Tammie! Your so right about writing your goals down. But don’t stop there. Keep your goals close to your computer where you can see them everyday.
    Also write down a separate version of those goals, only in smaller chunks. Start off accomplishing the little goals and soon enough you will knock down the larger goals. Sometimes when we try to accomplish a goal to big all at once we lose focus and our drive.

    Roland Leveille recently posted..Remember Your First Car!

  2. Thank you for sharing your personal story of the highs and lows you experienced in your journey and all the wonderful things you learned.Making a daily schedule and sticking to it is so important and helps builds your confidence in yourself to keep going and succeed. Family Networker is a wonderful support and true family.
    Brian and Felicia White recently posted..Are You in the Twilight Zone When it Comes to Network Marketing

  3. Kerry Finch says:

    Very nice post Tammie – staying focused in the world of internet marketing can be very difficult because of the many opportunities that present themselves every day!

    I have a overall goal for the year, but the way it is accomplished changes. I have a huge whiteboard where I immediately put ‘new ideas’ so that I can get them out of my immediate headspace, but not lose – and move on with the projects I am working on. I look up at the board every now and then and either remove or build them out.

    Kerry Finch recently posted..New Issue of WHAT THE… Now Available

  4. susie moore says:

    HI Tammie,
    Great post. I couldn’t agree with you more. My problem in the past was I never wrote my goals down either. I had this mind set that I just move with the flow. I did do accomplish some exciting things though. Now I know if I put them on paper as I reach each one it would be organized and i have a certain area I could look forward to acocmplishing as time goes by. Thanks for a great post

    Susie Moore
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    susie moore recently posted..Can We Build Trust Online Part 3

  5. Awesome post Tammie. I especially like where you said: let’s get busy and set your goals and make a plan and make your dreams come true.DON’T EVER GIVE UP!!!!! Make sure your goals are set so that you Will be able to meet them. Good job, and do not ever give up.
    David ORourke recently posted..List Builder Direct-Multi Tierd Marketing Strategies

  6. Oh you are so right Tammie and I was one of them that was going in circles until I got a schedule of things that I do daily and stick with them – then add something new as you learn it and learn it well – next thing you have a routine that works for you – great post

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  7. Donna Meyer says:

    Great post Tammie. It is a New Year and we do need to have a plan and stick to it, but somehow I start out with a Bang!! but then it dwindles away. You’ve stepped on my toes, but really need to hear it. Thanks.

    Donna Meyer
    Donna Meyer recently posted..Attitude

  8. Ellen Thorp says:

    Tammie, what a wonderful post. I hear ya! 2010 was a learning year. 2011 is a take action year! Being with people that are growing, is great incentive and it gives all of us the inspiration to do the same! Wonderful post! Thanks for sharing

    skype ellen_thorp
    Ellen Thorp recently posted..Document Sharing Sites

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