The most important thing to do in any business, no matter what you have a vision
for, is putting God first in every part of what you are doing. I hear so many
people talking about not wanting to have “religion” as part of their business
due to being afraid it may offend someone. I truly believe that is why many
businesses fail. If you are afraid to let people know that God is the head  of
everything you do, then you are showing Him shame and doom is sure to follow. I want
God to be the head of my entire life and I will not hide that from anyone who wants
to team up with me to do any kind of business. To me this is the biggest failure
point anyone has to overcome first and foremost.

Success in any business, on-line or off-line, has a lot to do with overcoming
the failure points. Three of the most difficult points I had to overcome are
negative input from family members and friends, time management and organization.

Negative input from family members and friends on a day-to-day basis are very hard
to ignore. You hear things like: All you do is sit and the computer and waste your time;
You are spending more money than you will ever make; it is all hype; You need to get a
real job;etc, etc… The one thing you need to realize is that if God led you to do
this, then you will not fail.  You must believe in yourself just as God does. You are a unique
creations and you can do anything you set your mind to.

Time management is a the one failure point that has almost caused me to give up more
than once. When I first started in this business I was led to believe that you could
do it with just a couple of hours each day and that was all there was to it. This is
definitely not true. Now once you get things going to where they can run on automatic;
then you might can do it that way if that is what you desire. You must make yourself a
daily plan of action to make the most of your time. This is one of the very first
things you should learn to do when starting any business.

Organization is part of that time management requirement. If you are not organized you
will waste so much precious time and effort that could be spent in making your business
the best that it can be. You need to know how to save important information that you
will need on a day-to-day basis and know where to go and find them quickly when they
are needed. This includes documents, passwords, log-ins, programs, graphs and much, much
more. This is the foundation of your business. You definitely want to keep it organized.
With the foundation being organized the business will be as well.

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  1. Ohhhhhhhh I could write a book on this it seems as I can relate with this so much. You just have to keep going and with God’s help – he guides you if you will let him – excellent post and WTG

  2. I agree Tammy about obstacles being something we need to overcome. There are all kinds of obsticles that try and stand in our way but like you said and what the Bible points at Matthew 6:33 that we need need to put first the Kingdom and his righteousness and all these other things will be added to us. Of course we have to work in harmony with that of course and never sway to the right or to the left. We must stay on that Narrow path, instead of the broad road. Thanks Tammy. You have done a fine job helping us appreciate how we need to get over obstacles. You ROCK!!!

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