Fear of rejection is one of the greatest fears we will ever have to overcome.
Just this fear alone will cause you to fail in many areas of your life, it will
even provoke you do dishonest things just to make others think you are
better than you think they think you are.

Fear of rejection is like a dark cloud overshadowing ones life and there seems to
be no possibility of the sun shining through in hopes that it will become clear and
accepted by others or even by the person that the cloud is overshadowing.

There is one thing that you need to understand about fear of rejection; it is
actually only what you think others will think of you or won’t think of you,
it is what you think might happen or might not happen because you do not
think you are worthy or good enough in who you are or what you are
capable of doing.

Sometimes these thoughts are birthed at childhood, or your teenage years,
or young adulthood, whatever the case may be it is something that was birthed
and was thought about repeatedly and pondered on over and over in a person’s
mind until that is what became truth to the mind therefore becoming truth to
the person that this awful, real feeling had been birthed in.

We were created in the image of an almighty God that has no impurities or
flaws. The thoughts that can destroy us are planted by a thief that will definitely
continue to water these nasty seeds until they are believed or until we weed them

This fear can really destroy a person’s life.

This one fear of rejection can also cause many other types of fear to be
birthed and to grow in a persons mind and spirit. To overcome this fear one
must renew their thinking and take control of their thoughts, replacing the negative
with the positive.

We must always remember that God created us to his own design and in His
own image. That makes you worthy. We were given the Spirit of truth not of
fear. We are overcomers.

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