Taking A Few Steps Back

You may think to yourself, Tammie, you are going the wrong way. You may think I have really lost my mind. To be quite honest with you, I think that everyday.Seriously though, there are times when I have to take a step back to be able to begin to move forward again in the right direction.

Let me get a little deeper into this before you really declare I have lost all my senses. This journey in Network Marketing is like a road with lots of curves, side roads, dead ends, hills, valleys, bridges, pot holes…..you get the idea.

Well. when I lived in the country I ususally knew everthing about each and every road there was around me. Just like when you work at a J.O.B. You usually know what your tasks are for the day because they are usually exactly the same for each and every day.

Now that I am living in the city it is a huge difference. Just like with this Network Marketing. There are so many roads to go down and so many different ways to get to the destination you are heading for. Shortcuts, detours, side roads, etc., etc.

With so many roads and so many ways to get to the destination I am headed for it gets to be overwhelming at times and when I start feeling like I am staying lost or just not sure I am on the right roads, I have to take a few steps back and make myself aware of where I am. Make sure I took the right road or went the right way when I came to the fork in the road.

Too many of us are in such a big hurry to get to the destination that we do not pay attention to the road signs or the condition of the roads anymore and think that we can just ask anyone how to get there and surely they will know the right way or the shortest way to get there. Well, I promise you, the shortest way is not always the best way nor is asking just anyone how to get there the best way of finding out how to get to where you want to go.

There are many people out here in this marketing world that will tell you to take their route to get to destination. Instead of just following anybodys directions make sure they know how to get there. Find out if they have been to those forks in the road and went the right way or if they are still on their way there and just need you to follow so they won’t be on the road by themselves. Find someone that is there and knows exactly how they got there.

Take your time. If you get into a hurry you are sure to damage your vehicle. Your vehicle is yourself, your image, your reputation, your durability. If you keep turning down the wrong roads or taking the wrong turns you won’t get there before you start to damage yourself and you keep hitting the potholes and deadends and having to get repairs again and again.Then finally after your vehicle is all beat up you are just ready to give up on taking in trips so you quit.                 

It is okay to take a few steps back to get a view of the whole map and plan every now and then. Make sure you are on the right road and make sure your vehicle (you) are in good condition. Get your rest, make sure you are healthy, make sure you get some pleasure time in there. Keep yourself maintained. Then you will be ready to tackle each day and each task with in that day and not be stalling out all the time.

I, myself, have found some great mentors and friends in my journey through this Network marketing trip. Take a look around this site and you will see. I don’t have just one, but I also do not have ones that contradict each other either. I cannot express enough the importance of choosing a great, qualified “mechanic” (mentor and coach) to keep your vehicle (you) tuned up and ready for each trip.

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15 Responses to “Taking A Few Steps Back”

  1. Ken Thompson says:

    Wow this is an amazing post Tammie. Yes we need the right leader to follow so we can travel down the road of success.
    Ken Thompson recently posted..4 simple natural cures for insomnia

  2. You really hit the nail on the head with this one Tammie! Taking a step back and paying close attention to not only keeping up on personal maintenance, but knowing WHO you’re following is a detrimental factor in your journey towards success. Thanks so much for sharing!
    Brian and Felicia White recently posted..Are You Teaching Others to Fish

  3. susie moore says:

    Absolutely love your post Tammie!Very thought provoking. Makes us stop and take a look to make sure we are on the right path.Sometimes we do need to take that step back and start again.I love the comparison you done with your post. Fantastic job.

    Thanks again,

    Susie Moore
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    susie moore recently posted..Are You Susceptible to Identity Theft

  4. Lynn Rios says:

    What a great analogy you have drawn. It reminds me of the way Kahlil Gibran describes the importance of being apart to the strength of a bond of friendship. “…for that which you love most in him may be clearer in his absence, AS THE MOUNTAIN TO THE CLIMBER IS CLEARER FROM THE PLAIN” Great job, keep ’em coming!
    Lynn Rios recently posted..Prevenient Grace

  5. What an awesome post and am so proud of you as I have seen the advancements that you are and have been making. You are so right there are a lot obstacles that we have to face along our journey – they key is that now matter how many flat tires we many have or detours that we may have – we can’t give up before we get to our goals.

    Skype: nancyradlinger

  6. Tammie Perry says:

    Thank you so much for your comments Brian. I love to support others and to give anything I can to possibly help someone. You are a great leader to Brian and I definitely have learned so much form you as well as others.

  7. Thank you Tammie for this post…You are so right we need to sometimes take a step back..in order to see just where we are really going, to see if this is the path for us. Also to rest our minds and bodies..taking a break is in order to keep our life balanced.
    Shirley Matta recently posted..Affiliate Marketing Or Multi-Level Marketing

  8. Kris says:


    That is an awesome post! I love the growth that I hear and see here.

    You took me from start to finish, it was a walk that I enjoyed!

    Thank you!
    Kris recently posted..Celebrity – Who Me

  9. Wow! This is great Tammie! Too many times we tend to focus on the detours, and obstacles; instead of our Dreams and Visions. Taking a break every so often, to refocus ourselves, is a healthy thing to do.
    Linda M Davis recently posted..Over-The-Hill Babyboomers…Are They Treasures Or Trash

  10. Tammie Perry says:

    Thank you so much Brian for your support. I just want everyone to know that if they do go down the wrong way, they need to just step back and rest their direction and not quit.

  11. Susi Gilbert says:

    Great post, Tammie. Just now having a chance to read it. You’re right–it’s WAY too easy to get “lost” in the Big City. I’ve done that in Real Life, AND on the internet. Scary both places! Glad to have found you and the others in our group to help guide the way.

  12. Kevan says:

    Great post there Tammie, well put together. I t sure does let everyone see that there are as you say many roads that we could all take. But finding the right road is of course the job for us all. Well done keep up the good work.

    Kevan recently posted..Catching up

  13. Tammie,

    This is truly a phenomenal post, and an excellent reminder to all that there is no straight path in Internet Marketing. The road is quite curvy and snaky indeed. I have watched you develop over the few months I have known you into a remarkable Internet Marketer – you are always there to lend support and encouragement where it is needed. To me, that is exactly what a mentor and a coach does. Never stop the uplifting quotes and encouragement – it has more of an effect than you will ever know!

    Skype: BeliefConcepts

  14. Agnes Saam says:

    WOW Tammie, that is incredible I could of not wrote it any better, it sounds so much like a pro….. thank you for sharing.


  15. Wow what an awesome post. See I knew you could write a great post. i love the way you start out and the way you finished. Thanks for sharing Im going to paste this on FB to share with others.
    ⏠⏝⏠⎝ Robert Blakely The Blakester recently posted..The Social Network Review By The Blakester

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