There are so many different reasons why people
work from home. It is amazing to me how many
reasons I came up with when asked the question
“Why do “YOU” work from home?”

As I began to answer this question the one
thing that was so prominent in each and every
reason was “the freedom to…” I had not ever
realized that freedom was the most important
ingredient in each of my answers.

I was told you have to love what you are doing
or it will just be a job. Most people enjoy what
they do until it becomes just a replay from day
to day.Then you actually start looking for the
freedom to do something that you enjoy or
something that has variety in your day to day

The greatest freedom for me is the freedom to
openly praise God for everything that happens
in my day to day tasks. I do not have to worry
about offending someone with praying out loud
or displaying religious material in my work area.
I don’t have to worry about any restrictions
concerning my beliefs.

With all of the dress codes and restrictions
that you must abide by these days in the corp-
orate world some might think we should go to
uniforms in all work places like they have
in boarding Schools. Well, if you work out of
your own home, guess what: Another Freedom.

You can wear what you want or what you don’t want
with no one to tell you that you can’t wear what
you chose to wear. You have the freedom to decide
for yourself.

Let’s look at stress for a minute. If you are
like me, most people you have worked with or even
worked for are full of negativity. I know, for
me, that puts me under a form of stress that
causes me to have headaches and a feeling of being
just plain tired for days on end.

Then there are those people that you work with that
feel they have to be better than you are and compete
with you in every area they possibly can. You are so
stressed by the time you leave you just dread having
to come back the next day.

One of the things that bothered me the most was lack
of appreciation for going above and beyond the duties
that were required of me. If you are not allowed to
give your best and try to improve the team as a whole
then you begin to feel like you are being bound up to
be only what someone else wants you to be. Not only
does that cause you major stress but it also makes
you feel as though you are imprisoned in yourself.

Working at home for yourself gives you the freedom
from the needless stresses and sets you free to excel
to your greatest ability.

It is like the transformation of a caterpillar to a

You inch your way through your day by day life until
you are in the cocoon, bound up by all the negative,
stressful garbage.

While you are in this cocoon you begin to look for
ways out. Trying different ways of escape.
Then the day comes…..

You are set free with beautiful wings of courage and
the ability to achieve the best that you so rightly
deserve.  You spread your beautiful wings and fly
away into a world of freedom that you have control over
and you answer only to yourself. That awesome freedom
that comes from being able to have control of your life
and your future.

You decide the income you want to make week to week. You
set your goals and you go for it. You take control of
your attitude and your persistence to make your business
what you want it to be.

You decide how much of yourself and your time you are
willing to put into making this the best it can be for
you and your family. You don’t have someone else telling
you how much time you can spend with your family or friends
or just treating yourself to some time just for you.

Ask yourself if you are being bound up by the stresses of
the corporate life or if you are looking for the freedom
to have control over you and your future.

Ask yourself if freedom is something that you have your
dreams set on.

If you said yes to even one of the questions above, PLEASE,
let me help you find your freedom. You are worth it. You
deserve it. I would love to help you make all of your dreams
come true.

That is my dream.

That is my goal.

Let me help you to break free from that cocoon and spread your
wings to fly into a beautiful world of FREEDOM.

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  1. I can see your heart poured out in this post Tammie. It is genuine, compelling and informative. I can definitely relate to what you say about the corporate world. Don’t stop writing; you have the gift!

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